A few pictures, a few videos

Here’s a few pictures of what went down:
Drummer of Some Kind of Lizard, Cynthia Virgen:
Credit: Lengua de Oro

Live art by Azteco:
Credit: Omar Lira (aka Homeboy)

Several pictures by Melanie Nicole:
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Videos by Luis Gutierrez (of Ali Adka). Filmed on a GoPro:

Thank you everyone, send your pictures!

TRF team is exhausted and in the red.

But somehow we made it.

Now we have to go back to regular life (whatever that means) and as of now we have no idea what’s going to happen to TRF (we have to cover our debt). If there’s going to be a TRF2 or was this experience too much to handle for the team.

We did it all for you. We did it to unite California and Baja as one entity with art and music. We did it for our own egocentric love for Tijuana.

All we ask for in return is share the love.

Please send all the pictures and videos of the festival for those who missed it. We’ll keep uploading them on the site (when we have time).

– Pachangas Matt

Punch out game over

TRF was made possible by:

Tijuana Adventure and Caliblablabla

Chakal MX

Pepe’s Abandoned Factory (and his family).

J-mar of Some Kind of Lizard

And a little punk motherfucker with a dream named David Villegas.

Special thanks to the true warriors: Homeboy, Steeb, Cafe Diógenes (Pedro y Carlos), Brambi, Veloz, Juan Shaman, all the bands and artists but special shout out for San Pedro el Cortez who closed the party very late at night (despite all the problems), all the vendors and sponsors, our Rumble Calafia Bus driver (Isaac) and bus greeters (Zophie and Arely), there’s too many people to thank that it feels like an Oscar speech, fuck you all, you know who you are (much love).

PS: We still have like shit tons of shirts to get rid off. It’s $5 minimum so I can pay my brother back (or $10 with shipping, donations also acceptable). Hit me up if you want one.
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The Rumble Girl Story

The morning after publishing TRF’s VIP tickets, we received an email notifying us of our first ticket sale. 20 mins later, another sale. Since tickets are sold via paypal, we have access to the customer’s first and last name. I wanted to know who were the first two customers, so I looked up them on Facebook. Turns out that Rumble Girl was one of them.

When I saw her profile and saw that Chad Deal (one of the organizers and my roommate) was friends with her, I inquired more. “She’s super cool man, she’s an old friend of mine that is modeling now. We should ask her if she wants to do a promo video for TRF.”

Chad booked the shoot for Saturday afternoon. The original idea was to have Rumble Girl have a luchador mask on, to hold up the signs and walk around like they do at fighting events. (Un)fortunately, I forgot to bring the luchador with me. Chad was in charge of making the video, the rest of the team was there cleaning up the place and pretending to not be distracted by the shoot (and assisting with whatever they could).

I wasn’t going to take pictures either since my old job in LA made me loath camera work, but the material was too good to pass up that I ended up shooting with my iPad. It made me miss photography a lot, that for the first time since I quit my paparazzo job, I missed my old gear and shooting. Oh yeah, one of the organizers used to be a paparazzo. Now a days he writes, plays guitar, does photo work and more, all freelance. That would be ME (Matingas), who also created this website (with the help of Josemar of Some Kind of Lizard and the rest of the team).

TRF has a part of everyone.

2014-05-17 15.02.06

TRF partners up with Motel Flamingos

Motel Flamingos is a hillside relic that was recently revived by manager Señor Lauro, AKA Mr. Chula Vista.

We met Mr. Chula Vista to talk about renting the whole motel and we’re proud to announce our new sponsor MOTEL FLAMINGOS!

This beautiful location will provide TRF with 40 gorgeous rooms at $25 per person (max. two per room).

They are available now under the Evander Holyfield package for $50 or the all inclusive Mohammad Ali package for $75 (tickets).

2014-05-23 14.40.35

Motel Flamingos will also be providing parking for the festival at $8 (or 100 pesos) per car.

Everyone has been asking about location (amongst another dozen of questions we get everyday).

The easiest way to get there if you are taking a Taxi Libre is by simply telling them that you are going to Motel Flamingos.

If you know Tijuana, addresses don’t really work down here. But this is the exact address of where the fest will be:

Km. 1 Carretera a Ensenada #3252 Col. Chulavista Tijuana, B.C., México.


The motel is located 1/2 mile south of the festival.

Park at the motel, walk to the fest, look for Santana Automotriz (car dealership), and hang a left up the long driveway to Pepe’s Abandoned Factory.



I hope this answers all questions… if not… THEN RIDE THE RUMBLE BUS!

TRF: Beer and Tequila!!!

Fuck yeah!! Budlight! YA SE ARMO!!!

TRF is sponsored by Bud Light.


Do not worry.

This doesn’t mean that Pitbull will show to the fest.

Believe it or not, Budlight is huge in Mexico just like Corona is huge in the USA. It appeals to a broader audience here in TJ. They jumped on board with the fest when Danger David just strode down to the main office and demanded beer for TRF a couple months ago. If it were up to us, we would serve microbrewery craft beer. But Grupo Modelo (under BudLight) offered to furnish the fest and that’s a kick-ass deal that we couldn’t say no to.

But fear not amigos! Many beers fall under Grupo Modelo, including Corona, Negra Modelo, Victoria, Pacifico, etc.


How does 20 kegs and 5,000 cans of beer sound? Will that be enough to quench your thirst?!

Also…. a last minute tequila sponsor joined TRF. They will be offering tequila shots as well as jarritos locos.

Introducing Tequila Clase Azul!

10356528_10152500610796869_745593319_n 10370674_10152500610801869_1528497388_n

2 Weeks to Insanity! Video Flyer and More

This party was made by you for you!

We seriously never expected the festival to grow exponentially in such a short time!

The TRF team is and has been working super hard to make this happen.

The next two weeks are going to be nothing but work and no sleep for the team.

The whole team met with city representatives and sponsors of the fest to make sure everything was in order last week. Then we partied our asses off the whole weekend since it was one of our organizer’s birthday.

We still manage to get some work done on Saturday and advance a lot on cleaning Pepe’s Abandoned Factory. At the same time we picked up a gorgeous model from San Diego. She volunteered herself to pose on the video, it turned out way better than we had imagined and much sexier than planned. The team (and even some of our mom’s) help with the photoshoot of the TRF babe.

Proud to announce TRF Video Flyer:

TRF Babe is Christina Orozco. Shot by Chad Deal. Directed by Josemar Gonzalez (of Some Kind of Lizard). Assisted by Matingas and David Villegas (as well as the rest of the team).

2014-05-17 14.05.13 2014-05-17 14.49.35 2014-05-17 14.52.20 2014-05-17 15.02.06 2014-05-17 15.02.30

Photos by Matingas

Thanks everyone for being awesome! We expect all of you on May 31st!


TRF Team.


Two things are happening in this video.

1. Tijuana roads are fucking bumpy.
2. Camera man was driving instead of holding the camera.

But here it is. A video of how to get from the border to Pepe’s Abandoned Factory.

It is pretty simple if you know TJ, but if you are unfamiliar with these lands, you might get lost right away.

KEEP STRAIGHT – TURN RIGHT (on the statue of Cuahutemoc) – KEEP STRAIGHT

It really is that simple.

More details about the location here.

Rather not drive? Then taking the Rumble Bus to Pepe’s Abandoned Factory. VIP tickets include entrance, ride to the show alongside bands and two drinks. Only $25.

Buy them HERE!

or through Tijuana Adventure.

“VIP” tickets are here!

There’s no such thing as VIP.

We are all VIPs.

But there are VIP tickets.

If you have never been to Tijuana or simply have no idea how to get to Pepe’s Abandoned Factory… “VIP” Tickets are for sale through one of our partners, Tijuana Adventure. Buy tickets using your credit card or Paypal account.

Price = $25

Includes ride from the border to the show in the Rumble Bus (and back), 2 beers and, of course, entrance to the show. You will be riding alongside band members to make the experience even better.

Click here to buy your tickets now!

tj adventure


I keep saying that inside my head: FUCK YEAH!

I’m proud to announce… EVERYTHING IS GOING PERFECT!!!

City permits are on their way. The bands are getting ready. The beers are already set. Tequila is joining the party AND the tickets are getting printed.

Pre-sale!!! THE city permit is for 500 people… so only 500 tickets are going for sale!

As soon as the tickets get printed and sealed by the city, you will be able to buy them at 2 locations (for now), San Diego location coming soon. CHAKAL MX gym, located 1/2 mile away from the border and Mexican Fashion in Pasaje Rodríguez. Of course… you can always pick your tickets at the door (if there is any left).

$50 pesos!!! Get your tickets now!

Chakal MX contact

Mexican Fashion contact

AND now… some music:

Calafia Puta:

100 Onces:


Need more music?! Go to the bands tab! All of the music is there!

Some walk out… others walk in.

Again… WE can’t believe the response the fest has gotten. We keep receiving emails of bands that want to play and we keep receiving emails of people that want to support and help the festival happen.

Bands drop-out from the line-up on all festivals….
So it saddens us to inform everyone that three bands have other commitments and won’t be able to attend.

PL DVNA, Electric Healing Sound and Barbarian are out.

But when some leave, others join.

Wax Children from San Diego and Ali Adka from Mexicali are now on board.

Want to help? Spreading the word helps a lot.

Now here’s some music from Perihelios of Tijuana: